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Dr. E.J.Neather MA, MEd, PhD. (UK)

After teaching French and German in schools, Dr. Ted Neather became Adviser for Modern Languages to the Somerset Local Education Authority, and then Director of Summer Schools at the Open University, before moving to Exeter where, until retirement, he was Senior Lecturer in Education. He has lectured and written extensively on aspects of French, German and English education and literature, and was Visiting Professor during the Summer Semester 1992 at the University of Dresden. His publications include: 'Education in the New Germany' (in D. Lewis and J. McKenzie (eds) 1995, The New Germany: Social, Political and Cultural Challenges of Unification; 'Education and Training' (in M. Cook and G. Davie (eds) 1999, Modern France: Society in Transition). He is the author of a number of books, including Tests and Targets, Mastering French (for adult beginners), an Advanced Level French course, Prйvisions/Rйalisations (with I. Maun and I Rodrigues), and (with I Rodrigues) Streewise French.


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