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Keywords: history and philosophy of science, Sanskrit tradition in the modern world, interaction between differen cultural bodies.

The author of this article considers the principles of a dialogue of culture as a special typos of interaction. The concept of “dialogue” is considered to be the fundamental principle of the relation between different cultures. In this typos of interaction everyone remains of the same mind but this dialogue enriches everyone of them. The concept of “dialogue” makes it possible to discover hidden dimensions of human existence, cultural forms of being. Due to the different culture, person can self-actualise as a human being. Key words: identification, dialogue, different, culture, transparency, alien.


In this age of information civilization intercultural dialogue and understanding between different cultures may be based on moral invariants, values and norms that are generated by a holistic education, based on a modern unified picture of the universe and non-classical rationality.

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The focus of this article is on international communication in the context of globalization with its positive and negative impacts. Such a study is important in order to demonstrate the role of international communication in keeping the negative impacts of globalization as low as possible.

It has been found that the volitional forms of objectified freedom are the constructive definitions, representing: 1) the compliant property of the universal structural necessity given to the certain forms of direct resistance, 2) the phenomenon property of true necessity of given and given, implying only the integrity of the subjective form.

The problem of close connections between metaphysical principals of creativity  and the fundamental directions of spiritual  communicative practices have been analyzed in this paper.


Vielfallt der religiöser Symbole in der Werbung. Religiöse Symbole finden sich massenhaft in der massenmedialen Popularkultur, z.B. in der Pop- und Rockmusik, in Kino und Fernsehen und eben auch in der Werbung. Religion in der Werbung wird sichtbar gemacht oder im Zusammenspiel von Bild und Botschaft erkennbar. Werbungen mit Religion sind große Inszenierungen- von der schlichten Übernahme eines religiösen Symbols bis zum Tabubruch.

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This article deals with the main stages of public discussion on the problem of monetary system reform in the country. Attention is paid to the opinions of supporters and opponents of "golden ruble": scientists, economists, public figures, periodicals.


Self-representation of Russian officers is described in the period of 19-20 centuries.
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The immersion in a different culture and information exchange contribute to the fast mastering of the Russian language by Chinese students. This process is accompanied by symbolization of Russian culture, where Russian cultural elements become symbols and the corresponding words of the Russian language become their identifiers.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the various approaches to understanding of phenomenon «Development of the person».

Modern problems of intercultural communications in the context of informatization and globalization of the society and education are discussed. An ontological kind of the problem is shown. Intercultural peculiarities of educational communications at the axis East-West are displayed. Some practical suggestions are given.

This article is devoted to research of genesis of education quality in foreign tradition with the purposes of realization of the intercultural communications. As a result of the research performed in aspect of philosophy of education it is possible to make the proved conclusion that the given area of philosophy of education is still almost unknown and contains of very poorly scientific works. We investigate therefore genesis of quality of foreign education in indissoluble connection with genesis of the education.

Intercultural hermeneutics is concerned with the understanding of the culturally other, its subject area is the interaction of members of different cultures. How do we analyse this interaction? What are the theoretical implications when we reflect on these interactions as mediated in texts? What are texts in relation to culture?

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Relations between the state and denominations are characterized by large number of subjects that are able to identify their social position independently. In relations between the state and religious organizations there is a long-felt need of transition from influencing technologies to interaction technologies, as well as taking into consideration public opinion and creating conditions for attracting specialists in religious studies to decision-making process in religious sphere, especially at information level.

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